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Product Review for Vibram FiveFingers Bormio Shoes for Men


Hi – and today we are going to review the Vibram FiveFingers Bormio Shoes for Men.

This is a first of all a very ingenious shoe, comfortable for casual travel as well as for the extremes (like ultra-marathon running in the winter!) but it works wonders once you break them in.

Now all shoes require a breaking-in period but I think the FiveFingers because of their unique design require a bit more of a “getting used to” period than others. They offer great traction for hiking and trekking expeditions so its a good all-around shoe to have.

The only thing that would make one cautious of wearing them for casual use is the appearance. A lot of people know about Vibram’s and that’s cool but a lot of people might just stare at your feet as you walk downtown, or take the train or whatever. So if you can live with that, this is definitely a good trail shoe to have that will double as a comfortable casual shoe as well.

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3 Must-Visit Adventure Holidays

Barrier Reef Adventure Holiday

Barrier Reef Adventure Holiday

If you’re looking for an adventure holiday there are 3 must-go, must-see destinations you don’t want to miss. Forget the most famous, most popular, most overbooked places – we’re talking about off the beaten path destinations that is far from the streets of London and Paris.

#3 – Mount Kilimanjaro: Located in Tanzania, this is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. The most beautiful and scenic way to trek Kilimanjaro is through the Machame route. Climbing this mountain is an adventure holiday you won’t soon forget!

#2 – Machu Picchu: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this Lost City of the Inca Civilization is located in Peru. Beautiful, covered in greens, and voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

#1 – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: The world’s largest coral reef – its ALIVE – the only living thing visible from space. Its huge – bigger than the Great Wall of China. You can do bungy jumping, rafting, sky-diving, horse-riding, ride an ATV and ofcourse “Dive the Reef!”

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Backpacking Trip Labor Day Weekend

Backpacking Adventure Trip

Backpacking Adventure Trip

This Labor Day – enjoy the holiday different than previous years. Instead of reminiscing over the end of summer, rejuvenate your mind and body with a refreshing labor day backpacking trip.

A quiet trip that allows you take in nature before the leaves change color and fall gives way to winter is an ideal way to get ready. The change of scenery, lush hues of the sky, clouds, a river, late summer blooms and magnificent boulders and rocks will get your adrenaline pumping.

In Europe, many companies and small businesses take off a few weeks in August. Its part of the culture and mentality that would do well in the US as well. A few weeks off, will make focus sharper and gets employees ready to contribute more productively than before.

One of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of a backpacking adventure is that it allows you time for individual reflection and contemplation. It allows you to think and ponder over all aspects of your life. You’ll face challenges, encounter the rugged beauty of nature, and take inspiration from creatures, small and big alike.

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Every man’s dream: A Flyfishing Adventure Vacation

Flyfishing Stream

Flyfishing Stream

Clear blue skies, rustling leaves, the warm sun and soft breezes in your face, chirping birds, rushing crystalline waters… imagine it: the beautiful and peaceful oneness with nature, as you cast your line and patiently wait for that tell-tale tug on the end. Fly fishing is a favorite hobby for many folks.

While they often head out to the lake or river to spend a weekend relaxing and catching fish, many often look to head out on fly fishing adventures and vacations, taking the art and enjoyment of fly fishing to a whole new level.

These great outdoor adventures are not merely some mundane trek to yet another waterway, your pole and gear in tow. These are fun and exciting outings which give the avid fly fisherman the opportunity to travel to beautiful scenic venues, tread new waters and aim to catch a variety of different fish.

Fly fishing adventures and vacations are often all-inclusive packages which include great itineraries and loads of fishing fun… and don’t worry, the destinations are far and wide, so there is no reason to think that one fly fishing adventure or vacation is the same as all the others.

There are lodges, resorts and ranches; wilderness adventures and guided tours; vacations for the fisherman and packages for the whole family. Whether you want to go to Canada, Montana, Alaska, Costa Rica or some other great destination, there is no shortage of awesome fly fishing enjoyment to be had.

The internet is loaded with details on all kinds of fly fishing fun. There’s something for everyone! So, if you’re an avid fly fisherman or outdoorsman or just want to try something new, be sure to check out the many options available for fly fishing adventures and vacations.

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Two Rafting Vacations You Don’t Want To Miss!

Grand Canyon Rafting Vacation

Grand Canyon Rafting Vacation

Its possible to craft the best rafting vacation like the water crafts its way through majestic cliffs and valleys. Blue skies, gorgeous backdrops, stunning sunsets, fresh air and plenty of nature is a sure way to come back re-energized. Take your time in planning an itinerary that you can be proud of.

That being said – some of the best rafting is to be found in the Rockies – where you’ll find plenty of Whitewater and the chance to get it away from it all. Two of the best spots for rafting are the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

At the Grand Canyon – you’ll find a variety of rapids no matter what your skill level and the scenery will take your breath away. Imagine looking up and instead of seeing city lights – there’s a star-studded sky complete with cliffs climbing to 9,000 feet. Now that’s a picture you couldn’t even paint.

At the Yellowstone – you can do some serious rafting on the Montana river. I say serious because the rapids at Yellowstone have some of the scariest names: Man-Eater, Boonie’s Revenge, Pickets Wave, Sleeping Giant and more.

One of the coolest things about Grand Canyon and Yellowstone is that you can combine your rafting vacation with a nice family vacation. So you get a 2-for-1 deal basically – you get to visit two of America’s most recognized natural landmarks and an awesome whitewater adventure.

Either before or after your rafting trip – you can take in horseback riding or wildlife safaris at Yellowstone. Seeing bison roaming, feeding and drinking is amazing. You’ll even spot bears and wolves. Your children will be delighted.

At the Grand Canyon – have you heard of the SkyWalk? You’re standing on a crystal clear glass ledge and looking down into the valley. If you’re scared of heights – don’t even try it. Instead tour the historic village and take in some easy hiking and shopping for a balanced experience. Grand Canyon also offers horseback riding – taking you along the rim for spectacular views. If you’re not into horses, go for the wagon ride.

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